Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meet Our New City Attorney

On Saturday, July 11, 2009, newly elected City Attorney Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich held a "Meet and Greet" for City Attorney employees at the Department of Water and Power's Auditorium.

(you can click on the images for a more detailed view).

Mr. Trutanich's enthusiasm and elation for the gathering of support staff and attorneys was obvious from the spring in his step as he approached the podium, after being introduced by Chief Deputy, Bill Carter.

Mr. Trutanich started his speech by crumbling up his carefully prepared remarks and throwing them away! For about the next two hours the crowded audience got to hear of his plans for the Office and his appreciation of the hard work from all who help to make the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office a premier law office.

If two hours seems like a lot of time, part of the reason was due to Mr. Trutanich taking that time to announce the names of 71 recipients of "Certificates of Appreciation" for their hard work and creditable achievements.

The full list of recipients (in alphabetical order) was:

Greg Adams - General Counsel to the Department of Water & Power
Daniel Aguilera - Civil Liability Management
Diana Aizman - Metropolitan Criminal Branch
Lance Allice - Central Trials Criminal Branch
Kevin Anderson - Family Violence Criminal Branch
Aleen Avanesian - Van Nuys Criminal Branch
Melissa Biederman - Metropolitan Criminal Branch
Lara Bloomquist - Family Violence Criminal Branch
Dirk Broersma - General Counsel to the Department of Water & Power
Amy Brothers - Land Use Division
Niklas Buckingham - Central Trials Criminal Branch
Lee Caldwell - Family Violence Criminal Branch
Quin Calvin - Central Trials Criminal Branch
Mei Mei Cheng - Housing Division – Real Property & Economic Development
Angie Cho - Workers’ Compensation Division
Eric Cioffi - Criminal Appellate
Malaika Cole - Metropolitan Criminal Branch
Leticia Cotti - Civil Liability Management
Rick Curcio - Criminal Appellate
Michelle DeCasas - Metropolitan Criminal Branch
Greg Dorfman - Gang Division
Anat Ehrlich - General Counsel to the Department of Water & Power
Yoneet Eilat - Metropolitan Criminal Branch
Kimberly Erickson - Gang Division
Diego Edber - Van Nuys Criminal Branch
Giselle Fernandez - Pacific Criminal Branch
Valerie Flores - General Counsel Practice Group
Howard Fuchs - Van Nuys Criminal Branch
Jeff Gallagher - Metropolitan Criminal Branch
Nicole Gougis - Metropolitan Criminal Branch
Adena Hadar - Complex and Business Litigation
Matthew Hogan - Volunteer City Attorney – 3 cases w/ guilty verdicts
Shaun Jacobs - Central Trials Criminal Branch
Ben Karabian - Central Trials Criminal Branch
Adrienne Khorasanee - Land Use Division
Richard Kraft - Special Trials Unit
Voltaire Lazaro - Hollywood Criminal Branch
Todd Leung - Complex and Business Litigation
Debbie Lew - Criminal Appellate
Terry Kaufmann Macias - Land Use Division
Katharine Mackenzie - Criminal Appellate
Capri Maddox - Central Trials Criminal Branch
Gloria Dabbs Mann - Pacific Criminal Branch
Heidi Matz - Van Nuys Criminal Branch
Oscar Medellin - Central Trials Criminal Branch
Kristine Moon - Civil Liability Management
Felton Newell - Neighborhood Prosecutor Program
Beth Orellana - Civil Liability Management
Frank Orozco - San Pedro Criminal Branch
Paul Paquette - General Counsel to the Department of Water & Power
Pat Penner - Hollywood Criminal Branch
Francine Ricks - Metropolitan Criminal Branch
Hugo Rossitter - Labor Relations Division
Brad Rothenberg - Central Trials Criminal Branch
Erika Sandoval - Central Trials Criminal Branch
Gerald Sato - Municipal Counsel Appeals
Matthew Schonbrun - Metropolitan Criminal Branch
Michael Schwartz - Metropolitan Criminal Branch
Eric Shannon - Criminal Appellate
Casey Shim - Civil Liability Management
Debra Siedorf - Van Nuys Criminal Branch
Helen Sok - Central Trials Criminal Branch
Veronica Soto - Safe Neighborhoods Division
Johnna Stone - San Pedro Criminal Branch
Vivienne Swanigan - Labor Relations Division
Craig Takenaka - Housing Division-Real Property & Economic Development
Taleen Tertzakian - Metropolitan Criminal Branch
George Turner - Workers’ Compensation
Robert Unruh - Workers’ Compensation
Valerie Valadez - Metropolitan Criminal Branch
Kim Westhoff - Land Use Division

Congratulations and "Thank you" to all of you for what you do for the residents of the City of Los Angeles.

The speech ended with a cntinued commitment to "do the right thing" and a standing ovation from the audience.

Many lingered to chat with Mr. Trutanich and members of his executive staff. It was impossible to photograph everyone, but here are a few shots (and please accept my apologies if we've made any mistakes with your names. it will take us a little time to get to know you all).

Beth Orellana, Gary Guess and Bill Carter

Kim Westhoff

Jeff Isaacs and Steve Gold

Maureen Siegel

Adrienne Khorasanee

Vartan Ter-Ghevondian and Frank Cordero

Harit Trivedi

The Honorable Judge Leslie E. Brown

Mark Lambert and Francisco Figueroa

Irene Martin Del Campo

Earl Thomas, Carmen Hawkins and Jessalyn Pinder

Oh, and one last thing.

Mr. Trutanich also swore-in Nic Danna, the latest hire for the Office. Nic starts as a Deputy City Attorney I and that's the way Mr. Trutanich said all new attorney hires will start. They will work their way up through the ranks to be the finest attorneys doing the work of the people of the City of Los Angeles.

Posted by: David Berger