Monday, January 12, 2009

Child Abuse Summit

This past Thursday, in partnership with the Los Angeles Catholic Archdiocese, the City Attorney’s Office hosted a Child Abuse Summit, focused on bringing together members of the religious community and professionals with a role in protecting children and sharing best practices for reducing the incidents and effects of child abuse.

More than 180 attendees representing a diverse group of religions attended the summit, which was held at the headquarters of the California Endowment, in Downtown Los Angeles.

The summit was the third in a series of events hosted by the City Attorney’s office that focus on child abuse recognition, identification, classification, reporting and investigation.
Our thanks to the members of the City Attorney’s Child Abuse Prosecution and Policy Unit for bringing these summits together, other members of the City Attorney’s Office involved in the planning, our steadfast partners, and members of the community for their attendance at this important educational event.