Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Restitution Checks to be Handed out Tomorrow in "28-Day Shuffle" Case

Tomorrow, Thursday, September 25th, between 1:30 to 5:30 pm, restitution checks will be passed out at the James M. Wood Community Center to identified victims of the Skid Row residential hotel owner Rob Frontiera's unscrupulous business tactics. The restitution checks are the result of the City Attorney’s lawsuit, which alleged that some tenants at the Frontier and Rosslyn Hotels (Frontiera's properties) were evicted without being paid legally required relocation assistance while others were unlawfully moved every 28 days or so in order to deny them legal rights - a practice known as the “28-Day Shuffle”.

The Special Litigation Unit of the City Attorney’s Office reached a settlement for the victims that includes a restitution fund that will be used to pay full relocation restitution owed to former tenants of the Frontier Hotel who had been in occupancy for more than thirty days and were required or persuaded to terminate their residency as part of a partially implemented renovation of the property.

Approximately 30 of the 60-plus people who applied for money under the settlement will be coming in to pick up their checks at the James M. Wood Community Center tomorrow while the remaining victims have asked for their checks to be mailed to them.

Following through with the City Attorney’s commitment to set things right for the Frontier and Rosslyn victims, a claims administrator from the case will be on hand to ensure the smooth delivery of the restitution checks.